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While worth watching in itself, the brief little scene in this movie doesn't make it Bateflix worthy.
Weird movie, but pretty good "orgy" scene. Not explicit, but realistic enough for me to enjoy. Would've wished it would develop into a real orgy though.
No male nudity at all. Why these assholes keep tagging films with nonexistent male nudity is beyond me. Maybe it's a simple case of wishful thinking? Stop the bullshit, homophobes, or I'll tag every fucking netflix movie with female nudity. Site admin has shown that this behavior is acceptable in their opinion, but it is NOT so in mine! Fair warning...
I looking for adult movies
Milf tits. Nuff said
Tits. If that's all you want.
Every girl gets her tits out. Some even show their snatch. You just have to sit through a lame story.
This gets my vote for best les scene on Netflix.
Weird orgy scene. The rest is nudity free.
Pretty strange movie. There is some unsimulated felatio and some tits, that's about it.
Mediocre at best. A little lesbian action but nothing beyond boobs is shown.
I agree with the other commenters. This show has tons of nudity and violence, and is an excellent show, close to being as good as Breaking Bad, True Detective, Game of Thrones.
Nice locker room/shower scene around 20 minutes in. There's a nice bum shot of the lead actress, but anything worthwhile is shown in the screen caps
Pretty good movie with some nice nudity and rape and bush and not bad.
This is actually a pretty good movie. Plus some beautiful women, some S&M dungeon scenes, a bit of rape. And a good movie.
Variety of Nice Les
i hope you can keep wood through a dog beating.
Famous cheapie, for a number of reasons: 1) Supposedly, it was a favorite movie of Mike Tyson's; 2) Hugh Hefner's former squeeze, Barbi Benton, stars; 3) the girl Phil Spector murdered, Lana Clarkson, also stars. Benton and Clarkson have topless scenes, but I like this movie because it doesn't apologize for what it aims to do, and that is to offer lots of scenes in which attractive young actresses are basically treated like (very sexy) pieces of meat. Hey, it's a fantasy! Almost without fail, if a good-looking woman is on screen, within minutes some lunky dude will come over and tear her blouse open, or raise her skirt so we get a nice look at her bum. Got to love it.
Pretty stupid movie, with lame dialogue and 1970s fashion and music. The discussions about rape are dated and ridiculous. However ... there is one main reason to see this and her name is Jo Ann Harris. She got a lot of TV work in the 70s and a few movies, but usually stayed clothed -- not in this movie. We get several great scenes where she shows her tits (her nipples are amazing; they seem permanently erect and look like they could poke your eye out). We also get Jo Ann almost full-frontal in a hot-tub scene. You can see her bush under the water, but of course it's not terribly clear. Although there are several other actresses who get naked in this movie, Jo Ann stands out because of her sexy face and "bang me" personality.
this anime was super explicit, a lot of sex to go along with tons of gore and a heavy intense story.