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Meh Best watched on Fast Forward
How did this even end up on here? No nudity at all, but I used to like this series.
Streaming doesn't have much nudity. A couple of quick flashes of Diane Lane's boob (once it is painted) and a bare behind from a nameless hippie.
The blue hair chick is ugly, the sound of the french language makes me want to vomit. Yeah, it has lesbo action, but I would have to be pretty desperate to sit through this one.
By early on, he means at about 21 mins in...
Only in save now.
Great movie, no nudity.
The nudity is all at the beginning of the movie. A couple of lingering shots of Reese Witherspoon topless. Nice. Next a scene of a woman swimming underwater naked; presumably Susan Sarandon. Buns and side boob. Later, a brief shot of Sarandon's buns. After this, the nudity is over.
Pretty much everything interesting in this movie is in the first 5 minutes. Even a quick shot of vagina.
Watch pretty baby. If you liked blue lagoon
The best part of this movie is that it really happened (and you can find the real videos online to prove it).
Wow that's a lot of penis!
Unless you're into granny porn or art-snobishness taken to the extreme, there is one scene you will enjoy starting 1 hr 25 minutes in.
I'm surprised this is on the top 100. It's a decent movie, but unless you count underwear and partial boob covered by bed sheet, there's no nudity.
Most of the nudity or sexy gags are in the first part of the movie. Then it settles into the "plot" (not that we expected much there). Boobs and buns, but mainly boobs.
Long shower scene near the front with a couple of nice looking girls, but also some old, fat women. Shows boobs, bush and booty. Another short shower scene shortly afterwards with boobs and bush. Nothing much after that until close to the end with short glimpses of nudity when she finally gives into the affair.
Considering Dreama Walker is "naked" through most of the movie, all that is shown is tits in a few scenes. There was even a promising bare bottom spanking, but her bottom is off camera and all you see is part of her bare back. So much nudity potential wasted.
This is a softcore porno pure and simple with the attendant bad acting, plot, and music. Grab your Kleenex and lotion and enjoy it for what it is.
Very hot chicks naked throughout. Enjoy.
Absolutely unwatchable. The camera work is so bad it would be better if they'd just attached the camera to a yo-yo. The plot is worse.